Five Incredible Sports You Might Be Missing Out On in the US

The US is undoubtedly a sporting nation. With many sports fans in the country, there is no restriction on the number of teams, athletes, and events we get every year. Because of that, the gambling world has also witnessed growth over the years, from sports betting to online casino games; the opportunities are impressive. 

However, since the US has enough sports and events every year, it is hard to look at sports that aren’t initially American. But the bane to that is that you are missing out on some incredible actions. So, if you want to try out other not-so-popular sports, here are five options for you. Let’s get started.  


Although there is currently a growing acceptance of Soccer in the US, it is not as big as it is in other parts of the world, especially in Europe. Many people do not know anything about the sport, and they do not know what they are missing. Soccer, or as it is popularly called in Europe, Football, is one of the biggest global sports. 

A typical soccer match is played with two teams, and each one fields 11 players, each playing a particular role from the goalie to the striker. The aim is to outscore the other team by putting the ball past the goalkeeper and into the opposition net. The team with the most goals after 90 minutes wins the game. 

There are different leagues to follow. You can start with Major League Soccer, the local league for professional senior men’s soccer teams in the US. You can also check out different leagues and tournaments across Europe. 


Another popular sport that you should consider is Cricket. It is one of the biggest sports in India, Pakistan, and Europe. It is somewhat similar to baseball, and if you are already a fan of baseball, you can always check out Cricket. Although the rules are different, you can see a lot of similarities between both sports.

You can always check the different rules of the game. And, once you are familiar with how it is played, you will certainly enjoy the games. You can start with various Test Series, T20s, and World Cup tournaments.


Fans of American Football would also enjoy trying out Rugby. Both sports are played with the same kind of oval-shaped balls, and the goal is to get the ball to the opposition half. The rules are almost similar, and there are only a few tweaks for each sport.  

Rugby players do not wear the same gear as American Footballers. Therefore, some fouls might be counted in Rugby but not in American Football. So, you have to read through the rules to understand the differences. Also, you should know that there are leagues, tournaments, and events to enjoy.


Futsal is similar to soccer as the ball is played with their feet, and the goal is to outscore the opposition. However, the number of players is different. Instead of 11 each, in Futsal, we have only five players each, including one goalkeeper. 

Aside from that, there isn’t much difference in both sports, except that Futsal is played indoors and is more skill-based than tactical compared to Soccer. You can start with different events across Europe and South America to become familiar with the sport. 

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball fans can also enjoy beach volleyball. Aside from a few new rules and being played on the beach, this sport is very close to the original sport. If you already understand the rules of Volleyball, you will not have any issues enjoying this sport.

You can always check out ongoing tournaments to see if it is a sport you would like to pivot to and start enjoying. 

Final Thoughts

Sports are a significant part of our lives, and watching our favorite teams play brings so much joy. Having a favorite sport is excellent, but it pays to dabble in other areas to have more options to choose from whenever your favorite teams and sports are off. With that, you can fill in time with different sporting events and sports games. 

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