Popular roulette betting strategies

Several “systems” or strategies have been developed over the years to lure in players with promises of vast fortunes to be won if you incorporate their (usually very expensive) system into your roulette gameplay. While these might work in other games, such as poker, where strategy is king, this is most definitely not the case with roulette. As such, you should always be skeptical of anyone promising you guaranteed winnings by following their strategy.

Roulette is a game of pure chance and the results are genuinely random, that’s what gives the game such a thrill. Although there are certain things you can do or approaches you can take that allow you to make better-informed bets, those of you looking for a set strategy that guarantees results will be sorely disappointing, and you’ll probably lose out on more than if you take a more flexible approach to the game.

Straddle bets are a solid option to increase your chances of winning, although certainly not guaranteeing it. Straddle betting involves placing a bet that covers multiple lines or groups at once and typically applies to the inside number bets rather than the outside bets. This might include, for example, placing bets on the rows or columns on the grid and also the boundaries between each of the number sets on the grid. If you place bets across different lines on the grid, the player is said to “straddle” that group or line. For example, a player may choose two numbers by “straddling” the line between them or select four numbers with a bet on each of the corners of a set of numbers.

How to get the most out of a game                   

This is one generic strategy you might want to employ while playing roulette, it’s just one of many various systems that have emerged over the years. You might want to explore some of these strategies by playing a roulette game for fun. However, these are not the only things that can enhance your playing experience. Below is a list of adjustments you can make to your own playing style that can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game.

·       Play at a leisurely pace. Roulette is very much a leisurely game, so try to play it at a leisurely pace. Don’t simply rush your bets to get some chips on the board. Take your time and enjoy it. Live dealer roulette is particularly good for this, as it allows you to choose your preferred pace of play rather than being forced to play a hand by a computer.

·       Play at a busy table. If you want to take your time and enjoy the game, make sure you choose to play at a table with a decent number of players at it. This slows down the pace of play and allows you to keep playing for longer.

·       Don’t sweat the losses. When fortune stops smiling in your favour, don’t sweat it. It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to breathe life into a dying winning streak when you feel you’re sliding, but this is a fool’s errand. In a game that is completely random, such as roulette, this can quickly lead to you compounding your bad luck rather than reversing your fortunes. With that said, if a few turns don’t go your way, relax, take it easy and forget the previous spins.

·       Sit out some spins. Roulette is a fun game, so don’t feel obliged to play every spin. There is nothing wrong with sitting out a spin or two if you don’t feel completely comfortable or just want to sit back and take it all in for a turn or two. Sitting out a spin every now and then gives you a chance to make your bankroll last longer and to get a lay of the table.

Make the most of your live dealer roulette experience

These tips should help you get a head start in making the most of your game. Here at Bitcasino, you can find a live roulette game to try with a free-to-play facility that gives you the full roulette experience without committing to a paid account. Once you’re happy with the idea of the game, it’s time to play for real – sign up as soon as you’re ready and let the fun times roll.


Words: Sean Mcnulty
Images: PA, Depositphotos & Bitcasino


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