Best U.S. Sporting Events to Attend

With the big push for legal sports betting in the United States, many people now focus on point spreads rather than the action that takes place in front of them. Betting on sports can add to the drama and excitement, but it’s the actual sporting event that is the most important. 

There are some great sporting events that take place around the world, but that’s especially the case in the United States. When trying to put together a list of top sporting events, it’s important to focus on the in-person experience. 

With that in mind, here are seven of the best U.S. sporting events to attend each year:

7. MLB All-Star Game

There was a time when attending the MLB All-Star Game was on the bucket list of every sports fan in the United States, but that’s just not the case anymore. Baseball continues to get less popular, especially as the league and its players can’t seem to get on the same page. 

Even if going to regular season games might not be that enticing to the most casual fans, the MLB All-Star Game is still an event that is worth attending. Being in the stands at a World Series game is a close second when it comes to baseball. 

6. Kentucky Derby

Horse racing is not a sport that has a large following throughout the year, but that’s not the case in May when it’s time for the Kentucky Derby. This is one of the top sporting events in the world, and it’s even better when being in person for the big race.

Churchill Downs is capable of holding close to 150,000 people on race day, and the atmosphere around the track is even better than the actual race. Some of the top horses in the history of racing have done phenomenal things at the Kentucky Derby, and there’s always a chance of that every year. 

5. Final Round of The Masters

This is an event that could actually be higher up on the list depending on what golfers are in the field. Stepping foot on Augusta National Golf Course is an experience unlike any other, and this tournament always seems to bring some excitement.

Attending the final round of The Masters is the best round of golf to attend, especially if a legend like Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth are in the final group. There are some pretty specific rules to follow at The Masters, but it’s worth it to be in attendance. 

4. NBA Finals

When it comes to the NBA, there are a couple of different options for the best sporting event to attend. All-Star weekend is always a good choice, but being in attendance for an NBA Finals Game provides a terrific experience. 

There is something special about being inside of a packed arena as the two best basketball teams in the world square off. This would become an even better experience if there is a Game 7 and you are able to get tickets. 

3. Rose Bowl Game

College football is extremely popular in the United States, and bowl games always draw fans from around the country. The College Football Playoff is usually the biggest draw, but there’s actually a better event to attend.

The Rose Bowl Game is the most iconic game in college football, and this is the game that you should look to attend if you are a big-time college football fan. 

2. NCAA Final Four

Being in attendance at any game for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament should be on the bucket list of a basketball fan. Getting the chance to attend a Final Four game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if you have good seats.

Most sports fans would agree that the NCAA Tournament is the best postseason event in all of sports, and the Final Four is a massive event. 

1. Super Bowl

It should come as no surprise that the Super Bowl is the top event to attend in the United States, even if it’s not feasible for most. Ticket prices at the Super Bowl are extremely expensive, but you get much more than a football game when being in attendance for this game. 

There are so many outside events that surround the Super Bowl, and you also get treated to a fantastic music performance at halftime. This game also features the two best football teams in the world, and it’s an event that all football fans should see at some point.

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