Dubbing and Localization with the Help of Voice Cloning: 3 Main Benefits

Is it possible to localize the authentic dialog of an actor without losing its meaning? Idioms, tone, and cultural specificity are easily lost in the process. Add in the fact that technical challenges require time, resources, and a lot of patience to resolve, and it becomes clear that dubbing is a pretty complex and costly process.

However, machine learning and AI voice cloning technologies are disrupting this industry, allowing dialogs to be adapted without losing their authentic meaning. 

Dubbing Studios Challenges

Dubbing two hours’ worth of dialog that involves several actors can take months. And here’s why:

  • A studio has to consider the aspects of cultural adaptation such as specific jokes, idioms, names, etc.
  • It is important to consider that some expressions may be inappropriate for some audiences. In such cases, editors have to change the original text.
  • A good quality video should include three types of voice synchronization: lip-sync (with mouth articulation), kinesic (with body movements), and isochrony (the original actor’s utterance).
  • Dubbing studios around the world have different flaws that slow down and complicate the process.
  • There are not enough professional voice actors that can produce the required result.

How speech-to-speech voice cloning streamlines dubbing processes

AI-powered voice cloning allows you to synthesize anyone’s voice to produce a sound that matches someone else’s voice.

For example, Respeecher‘s AI technology allows you to transform a voice while retaining all the emotional accents of the speech that was originally recorded.

Other instant benefits of voice cloning for dubbing are: 

  1. Voice actors can “speak” as many languages as you need. 

AI speech-to-speech technology clones an actor’s voice in such a way that the foreign language acting can belong to the same voice. All you need is to access at least one native speaker for the language you need.

  1. You can streamline the dubbing process.

Your studio will not be dependent on dubbing actors and you will be able to focus on other tasks, thus streamlining the process.

  1. You can achieve an efficient workload distribution between actors. Since every dubbing actor can voice different roles, including other genders, you can distribute the workload between them in whatever way is most convenient. 

In Conclusion

Achieve high-quality video dubbing while preserving all the necessary nuances of the original speech. Streamline the process and gain a competitive advantage. Contact Respeecher today and we’ll help you choose the best option and pricing for your business.

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