REVEALED: Most Expensive Celeb Memorabilia

From a used tissue to a half-eaten piece of toast, how much money do you think these are worth? Nothing? Or close to $100,000 if it was connected to a celebrity?

Merchant Cash Advance has looked at the most expensive celebrity memorabilia to see how much people are willing to spend on items that originally would have no value if it weren’t for their connection to the celeb.

 Key Points of Interest:

  • Judy Garland’s ruby red slippers sold at $6 Million
  • Nial Horan’s half-eaten toast went for $100k
  • A mason jar filled with Brangelina’s exhaled oxygen went to auction and was sold for $529.99
  • A used tissue from Scarlett Johansson went for $5,300!

Top Ten Most Expensive Celeb Memorabilia

Celeb Item Price $$$
Judy Garland Ruby Red Slippers 6,000,000
Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday, Mr President” dress 1,267,500
David Prowse Darth Vader’s Helmet 898,420
Audrey Hepburn Personal Working Script from”Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 811,615
Michael Jordan Nike Air Jordan 1s also signed 560,000
J.K. Rowling Chair 394,000
Michael Jackson Famous White Glove 350,000
Kate Winslet Iconic red dress from Titanic 330,000
Olivia Newton-John Skintight black pants from Grease 162,000
Niall Horan Half-eaten toast 100,000

 You can see the full data here

 Judy Garland’s Ruby Red Slippers

One of the most famous movie memorabilia (often called “the holy grail of movie memorabilia”) was reportedly listed at $6 million by auction site Moments in Time. There are several other pairs of the famous slippers though, including one that was stolen in 2005 but recovered by the FBI in 2018.

Niall Horan’s Half-Eaten Toast

Perhaps one of the most absurd celebrity items to be sold is Niall Horan’s half-eaten piece of toast. This half-eaten piece of toast, that was left by the British boy band’s Niall Horan attracted nearly $100,000 in online bids. It also has some vegemite on it, which Horan is not a fan of.

John Lennon’s Tooth

This tooth was originally a gift to his housekeeper in the 1960s, but clearly, tooth fairy’s rates have dramatically increased in the last 40+ years since it was sold for about $31,200 at auction. That’s a lot of money for just one tooth!

Lady Gaga’s Acrylic Nail

A fake fingernail, which was a dangerous accessory to Lady Gaga’s signature “monster claw” has been auctioned off for approximately $12,000. It is a black pinkie nail, that has gold glitter and beads on it. It was even handpainted by her personal manicurist Aya Fukuda.

Scarlett Johansson’s Used Tissue

A tissue that has been used by Scarlett Johansson sold for $5,300 at auction on eBay. This tissue is from the US talk show Tonight, where Johansson said she had caught a cold. She blew her nose twice, before putting it in her bag and signing it.

Brangelina’s Exhaled Oxygen

One of the cheapest celeb memorabilia goes towards Angelina and Brad Pitt who had a 1-quart mason jar of air sold for $529.99 to online casino GoldenPalace, a collector of random memorabilia. Who else would have brought a jar of air for such a price?


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