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3 Best Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel in 2022

Achieving virality and becoming a successful creator on the most popular video hosting in the world is not an easy task. Just imagine: millions of different clips are regularly uploaded to the site, creating huge competition among bloggers. Yes, a couple of years ago you could attract the attention of viewers with high-quality content, but now this is not enough. Your videos may simply get lost among millions of others, and then all efforts will be in vain.

However, we know what you need to increase visibility. The long-term experience of creators has shown that the key to success is the right (that is, effective and relevant) ways of promotion. In this article we have collected the best of them: cross-promotion, the ability to buy YouTube subscribers and collaborations. These methods are time-tested, you can rely on them, if used correctly, they’ll help you create a more competitive channel and increase your blogger image. Keep reading!

  1. The visibility of your clips should not be limited to one resource – publish content everywhere. Cross-promotion opens up a lot of possibilities, you can encourage the right people to visit your account using other social networks.  If you already have profiles on other platforms (like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), use them for your own good. Be active – upload the best videos (or small teasers, depending on the length) to attract the attention of people from different networks. We recommend that you make this action a habit, you can even set up the publication of clips so that they are displayed on your other pages.

It’s great if you already have an audience in TikTok or Instagram, for example. Add a call to action and whet their interest in your endeavors – ask fans to like and comment on your clips. Offer them an interesting wishlist or a useful guide; people like to perform simple actions for a nice bonus. This is a real chance to take your account to a new level!

2. It’s no secret that many now famous bloggers have used paid services to speed up the process of promotion on video hosting. This is not surprising – at the initial stage, the account looks rather raw and unattractive. But it is easy to solve this by using third-party help. One of the best options for rapid growth and creating a competitive profile is to buy real YouTube subscribers. Thus, you delegate some advertising tasks to a special company – now they’ll take care of delivering the necessary number of authentic followers to your page.

Now that you already have a base, the profile looks more confident, and your image improves significantly in the eyes of potential subscribers. This frees up a lot of time for creativity, but at the same time, your account continues to grow. Nice!

3. There are many possibilities for creating collaborative content on YouTube, and this is great news for you. Collaborations with influencers can have a significant impact on your visibility in the thematic community, so choose niche creators for cooperation. We do not recommend collaborations with direct competitors, you’ll not be able to rely on them fully. It is better to choose those who shoot clips on a similar topic and have good statistical indicators. Then you’ll be able to conduct joint streams, shoot Shorts, and even podcasts. This is useful for both sides, so most creators often agree. Try it!

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