47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar

47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar

47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar


Passo Bom Distribuidora 47.330.740 LTDA: Empowering the Footwear Industry


Registration Information

  • CNPJ: 47.330.740/0001-50 – 47330740000150
  • Razão Social: 47.330.740 LTDA
  • Nome Fantasia: Passo Bom Distribuidora
  • Data da Abertura: 28th July 2022 (1 year and 2 days ago)
  • Porte: Small Business Enterprise
  • Natureza Jurídica: Limited Liability Company
  • Opção pelo MEI: No
  • Capital Social: R$ 75,000.00
  • Tipo: Head Office (Matriz)
  • Situação: Active
  • Data Situação Cadastral: 28th July 2022
  • 47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar



Passo Bom Distribuidora 47.330.740 LTDA
Rua Martins Marques 55
Duque Bacelar MA

Activities – CNAES

Principal 46.43-5-01 – Wholesale trade of footwear
Secondary 47.82-2-01 – Retail sale of footwear
14.14-2-00 – Manufacturing of clothing accessories (except for safety and protection)
15.33-5-00 – Manufacturing of synthetic material footwear
15.39-4-00 – Manufacturing of footwear from materials not specified previously
15.21-1-00 – Manufacturing of articles for travel, bags, and similar items from any material

Board of Partners and Administrators

  • Glauber Felipe Oliveira Santos (Partner-Administrator)

About 47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar

In the vibrant city of Duque Bacelar, Maranhão, a dynamic enterprise, Passo Bom Distribuidora, has carved a niche in the footwear industry. Founded on the 28th of July 2022, this company has swiftly established itself as a key player in the market, offering a diverse range of footwear products to meet the needs of discerning customers.

47.330.740 ltda duque bacelar Journey

With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Passo Bom Distribuidora has marked its presence in the business landscape. Over the course of one year and two days, the company has grown, excelling in the realm of wholesale footwear trade. As an enterprise of Small Business Size, it has capitalized on opportunities, paving the way for future success.

Corporate Identity

Registered under the legal nature of a Limited Liability Company, the company operates as a Head Office (Matriz) – a testament to its central role in overseeing the distribution network. Its Capital Social of R$ 75,000.00 exemplifies its financial strength and vision for sustainable growth.

Empowering the Footwear Market

At the heart of the company lies its passion for serving customers with the finest footwear products. As “Passo Bom Distribuidora” is not just a name, but a promise of excellent distribution services. The firm has diversified its portfolio to cater to both wholesale and retail markets, making it a one-stop destination for all footwear needs.

Location and Operations

Strategically located on Rua Martins Marques in the vibrant neighborhood of Centro, Passo Bom Distribuidora ensures seamless logistics, allowing for swift and efficient delivery.


In conclusion, Passo Bom Distribuidora 47.330.740 Ltda has made remarkable strides within a short span, solidifying its presence in the footwear industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction, diversified product offerings, and visionary leadership, the company stands poised for an even more remarkable journey ahead. As it continues to thrive in the realm of footwear distribution, Passo Bom Distribuidora remains committed to delivering top-quality products, step by step, to fashion-conscious customers across the region and beyond.


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