24.334.281 ltda porto seguro

Distribuidora Placafor 24.334.281 LTDA - Unveiling the Business Journey

24.334.281 ltda porto seguro

In the dynamic landscape of business ventures, there are stories of triumph and challenges, each narrating a unique journey. One such company, Distribuidora Placafor, has etched its path in the realm of commerce, facing seven years of growth, four months, and twenty-two days of dedication since its inception on March 8, 2016.

Information Details
CNPJ 24.334.281/0001-87
Corporate Name Distribuidora Placafor 24.334.281 LTDA
Trade Name Distribuidora Placafor
Date of Establishment 08/03/2016
Years, Months, and Days Old 7 years, 4 months, and 22 days
Porte Micro Empresa
Legal Entity Type Sociedade Empresária Limitada
Opted for MEI No
Opted for Simples No
Date of Simples Option/Exclusion 08/03/2016 – 31/12/2022
Capital Social R$ 500,000.00
Type Matriz
Registration Status Inapta
Registration Date 09/06/2022
Reason for Inapta Status Omissão de Declarações
Contacts Email:
Phone: (73) 3235-2525
Location City: Porto Seguro
State: Bahia
Main Activity 46.17-6-00 – Representatives of Trade
Secondary Activities 5250805 – Multimodal Transport Operator – OTM
5250803 – Cargo Agency, except for Maritime Transport
5250802 – Customs Brokerage Activities
5250801 – Dispatch Commissary


  • 24.334.281 ltda porto seguro

As a Micro Empresa, Distribuidora Placafor operates as a Sociedade Empresária Limitada, reflecting its commitment to the corporate world. The company’s raison d’être is rooted in its role as representatives and agents of trade, specifically catering to products in the domains of food, beverages, and tobacco.

Upon exploring the company’s registration details, we uncover fascinating aspects that have shaped its course. With a capital of R$500,000.00, Distribuidora Placafor stands as a pillar of strength, driving its ambitions forward from its central Matriz location.

While most businesses opt for the Simples system, Distribuidora Placafor has taken a distinct route, choosing to forgo this option since its inception until December 31, 2022. Such strategic decisions speak to the company’s unique approach to navigating the intricacies of the business world.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that every journey encounters its own set of challenges. Distribuidora Placafor, too, faced a hurdle, leading to its current Inapta status. The situation arose due to an omission of declarations, prompting the need for resolution to reclaim its active standing in the corporate realm.

The core of any business is its leadership, and Distribuidora Placafor (24.334.281 ltda porto seguro) has been steered by the capable hands of Juliano Moreira Santos, the Sócio-Administrador. His vision and expertise have guided the company’s endeavors, leading to its impact in the city of Porto Seguro, situated in the beautiful state of Bahia.

As we delve into the heart of this venture, we discover its dedication to fostering meaningful connections. The company (24.334.281 ltda porto seguro) extends a warm invitation through its email address, ensuring seamless communication with its clients and partners. Additionally, those seeking to engage with Distribuidora Placafor can reach out via phone at (73) 3235-2525.

Embracing the challenges and triumphs that mark its journey, Distribuidora Placafor epitomizes the spirit of resilience and determination in the realm of commerce. Its commitment to representing and facilitating trade in the realm of food, beverages, and tobacco reflects its profound impact in the market.

As the story of Distribuidora Placafor unfolds, it continues to evolve, promising new chapters of growth and success. Despite the current challenge, the company’s potential remains unwavering, poised to reclaim its active status and continue its journey as a force in the world of business.

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