Sarah Bond of Xbox Empowers a New Wave of ‘Citizen Creators'”

In a recent conversation with Sarah Bond, the head of creator experience and ecosystem at Xbox, the significance of video games becomes evident beyond the mere functioning of cameras. Bond’s radiant Disney Princess smile accompanies her recognition of the individual she’s speaking to, leading to a deep dive into the profound impact of video games on the lives of nearly 3 billion people worldwide. In essence, they both explore the question: “Why do games matter so immensely to us?”

Unlike her conversation partner, Bond has conducted extensive research on the subject, a role that aligns with her position at Xbox. As she delves into the topic, she introduces a threefold perspective on empathy. “There’s three types of empathy,” she begins. “There’s cognitive empathy, where you can understand another person’s perspective. Then there’s emotional empathy, where you actually imagine that you are that person. The last one is compassionate empathy, which means that you decide to act differently than you normally would.”


While this might initially sound like a course in advanced psychology, Bond is, in fact, presenting a groundbreaking view of the gaming industry as a whole. She asserts, “Games take you all the way through this arc. And they are the only form of media where you can have that experience with another person.” In Bond’s perspective, gaming transcends traditional forms of entertainment and emerges as a radical art form with the unique capacity to unite people in a manner unparalleled by any other medium.

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