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Motorsport is a very popular direction. Many people follow all competitions and bookmakers offer good bonuses for betting on motorsports. You can bet with the 22Bet betting app UG. But in order to understand this sport well, in this article we will analyze the main types of auto racing.

Circuit racing

Track: Indoor racing track of complex configuration with a lot of turns.

Surface: asphalt.

Participants need to drive a few laps faster than their rivals and successfully pass the turns. But in reality, doing all this is not so easy.

Formula 1 is a legendary design-class circuit race in open-wheel cars that originates from British horse racing. This is the world championship where everything is the best: the fastest cars, the biggest budgets, the most successful pilots, and the coolest engineering teams that are fighting for their constructors’ championship. The stages are called Grand Prix, to access each of them you need to meet many conditions, and participation itself is the dream of any racer.

NASCAR is the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, which gave its name to the NASCAR Cup Series, the premier auto racing championship in the United States. A powerful engine is hidden under light bodies, stylized as civilian cars, and the pilot is reliably protected by a safety cage. At each of the 36 racing stages of the year, cars turn left all the time on the ring track and try not to crash into the stands or rivals. Wheel explosions, multiple car crashes, crashes into a concrete wall at speed, and fights after the finish line – that’s all NASCAR. And the coolest pilot is Richard “King” Petty, who not only glorified these races but also made them financially successful.

The Indy 500 (also Indianapolis 500 and The 500) claims to be the world’s oldest regular auto race. This is one of the most prestigious circuit races in the world, which has been held since 1911. A distance of 500 miles of cars passes on a track made of bricks, which now remain only at the start-finish line. On the pole day after the qualifying races, the order of the pilots at the start is determined, on the day of the push-out, the losers are excluded. Millions of viewers from different countries watch the broadcasts of the Indy 500 races on TV, and already at the end of May, you will be able to see everything with your own eyes, including a unique tradition: the leader at the finish line does not drink champagne, as in other races, but milk. But he gets a million dollars as a reward.


Route: Mainly closed public roads.

Coverage: asphalt, soil, gravel, ice, snow, sand, stones.

Any rally is both an exam and a lottery. On the track there are stages on ordinary roads, special stages, and even super special stages – they are more difficult, and it is there that there is a serious struggle for skill and time. It is not always clear in advance what kind of surface the pilots will encounter on the way from point A to point B. In the rally, of course, there is a detailed description of the route – a transcript, which is voiced by the navigator. However, the pilots are not relieved by the fact that they are informed in advance about the springboard or pit ahead. The main competition in this category is the WRC (World Rally Championship) – the FIA ​​World Rally Championship, which is held at any time of the year.

Dakar is the former Paris-Dakar rally raid, which until 2019 was held in South America, and since 2020 has been held in Asia, through the territory of Saudi Arabia. This is a transcontinental marathon that includes professionals and amateurs in different classes, from cars to quads and trucks. Each participant has a navigator, a GPS tracker in case of an emergency, and a “legend” – a map on which to move. The winner is the one who comes first and does not break on the way. Throughout the days of the race, the pilots and cars work to the limit of their capabilities, and all breakdowns have to be fixed at night instead of sleep. That is why in the Dakar racers are often taken off the track to a hospital bed to recuperate.

Endurance racing

Track: closed-ring racing tracks.

Surface: asphalt.

The name speaks for itself: pilots need to demonstrate not only skill but also fortitude of mind and body. Two classes of prototypes and two touring cars – GT participate in the world championship. At pit stops, pilots change and check the condition of the cars: it is necessary to pass the track first in its class, but breakdowns interfere, which sometimes have to be fixed for an hour or more.

24 Heures du Mans is the world’s oldest endurance race, which has been taking place in France at the Sarte circuit since 1923. The winner is the crew that was able to cover the greatest distance in 24 hours because the goal of this race has always been the same – to determine the most reliable and economical car.

The 24 Hours of Spa is an annual race of the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium at the Spa circuit, which was first held in 1924. Racers drive along a seven-kilometer ring, trying to save the car and get ahead of their rivals, overcome weather conditions, fatigue and hunger.

The 24 Hours of Nürburgring is a race that has existed since 1970 and is held with the support of Europe’s largest German car club ADAC. The race is held on one of the most dangerous tracks in the world. The start of the Nordschleife, which is divided into three groups, includes 220 sports cars. There are about eight hundred riders, 3-6 people per crew, each of which has the right to spend no more than two and a half hours behind the wheel.

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