47.884.328 ltda marina schettini – cirurgia-dentista salvador

MARINA SCHETTINI - Transforming Smiles, Enhancing Lives

47.884.328 ltda marina schettini – cirurgia-dentista salvador



In the bustling city of Salvador, Brazil, where vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes converge, a dental practice stands out for its commitment to excellence and transforming smiles. Meet Marina Schettini, a talented dentist and the driving force behind MARINA SCHETTINI – SURGERY-DENTIST.

A Passion for Dental Health

From a young age, Marina Schettini harbored a deep passion for dental health and its impact on overall well-being. Following her dreams, she pursued extensive education and training, honing her skills to become a seasoned dental professional. Her dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry ensures that her patients receive cutting-edge treatments.

Corporate Details

  • CNPJ: 47.884.328/0001-81
  • Corporate Name: LTD
  • Opening Date: 9th August 2022
  • Legal Nature: Limited Company (206-2)
  • Situation: ACTIVE since 9th August 2022
  • Special Situation: Not available
  • Simple Option: OPTANT since 9th August 2022
  • Size Classification: ME (Micro)
  • 47.884.328 ltda marina schettini – cirurgia-dentista salvador

Commitment to Quality

MARINA SCHETTINI – SURGERY-DENTIST prides itself on delivering top-notch dental services. As a micro-sized establishment, it focuses on providing personalized care to each patient. This enables Marina and her dedicated team to form strong bonds with their patients, creating an environment of trust and comfort.

Specialized Dental Services

The dental practice’s primary economic activity, according to the CNAE code Q-8630-5/04, is dental activity. Marina’s expertise spans a wide range of specialized dental services, including preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and more. Whether it’s a routine check-up or a complex dental procedure, patients can trust MARINA SCHETTINI – SURGERY-DENTIST for exceptional care.

47.884.328 ltda marina schettini – cirurgia-dentista salvador for Simplicity

Opting for the SIMPLE tax regime since the opening date, Marina demonstrates her commitment to streamlined processes, allowing her to focus more on patient care and less on administrative burdens.

Headquarters and Branches

MARINA SCHETTINI – SURGERY-DENTIST operates from its headquarters located at Avenida Antonio Carlos Magalhaes 2487, Brotas, Salvador, BA. With a dedicated team of 1 to 10 employees, the practice ensures a personalized experience for every patient.

Conclusion 47.884.328 ltda marina schettini – cirurgia-dentista salvador

MARINA SCHETTINI – SURGERY-DENTIST is more than just a dental practice; it’s a haven of dental excellence, where smiles are crafted, and lives are enhanced. Marina’s commitment to quality, passion for dental health, and focus on personalized care have made her a trusted name in the field of dentistry in Salvador. As she continues to transform smiles, Marina Schettini remains dedicated to making a positive impact on the oral health and lives of her patients.


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