46.535.260 ltda paco do lumiar

46.535.260 LTDA - Empowering Financial Connectivity

46.535.260 ltda paco do lumiar

Registration Information
CNPJ 46.535.260/0001-62 – 46535260000162
Corporate Name 46.535.260 LTDA
Opening Date 05/25/2022
Size Micro Company
Legal Nature Limited Company
MEI option No
Simple option Yes
Simple option date 01/01/2023
Share Capital BRL 5,000.00
Type Matrix
Status Active
Registration Status Date 05/25/2022
Phone(s) (98) 98151-1596 (Call) (Whatsapp)
Address Rua De Santa Rita, 340
Complement Store 02
Neighborhood Center
CEP 65015-430
Municipality São Luís
State Maranhão
Activities – CNAES
Main 66.19-3-02 – Correspondents of financial institutions
Secondary(s) 66.19-3-99 – Other activities auxiliary to financial services not previously specified
Board of Members and Administrators
Maryclayde Moreira Soares Silva Managing Partner
Qualification of the person responsible for the company Managing Partner
The company 46.535.260 LTDA with CNPJ 46.535.260/0001-62, was founded on 05/25/2022 in the city of São Luís in the state of Maranhão. Its main activity, according to the Federal Revenue Service, is 66.19-3-02 – Correspondents for financial institutions. Your registration status so far is Active.

In the vibrant city of São Luís, the impact of 46.535.260 LTDA is reverberating as a facilitator of financial connectivity and progress. Established on 05/25/2022, this dynamic company has quickly emerged as a driving force in the realm of financial services, bridging the gap between institutions and clients with unwavering dedication.

Charting the Journey

Fostering Growth in Micro Scale As a nimble and agile Micro Company, 46.535.260 LTDA stands tall in embracing its legal nature as a Limited Company. Though not an MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur), it holds steadfast in its commitment to simplicity, signified by the affirmative choice of opting for the Simple regime on 01/01/2023. With a modest share capital of BRL 5,000.00, this Matrix-type entity displays remarkable resilience and ambition.

An Active Pursuit of Progress From its very inception, 46.535.260 LTDA has thrived in an active status, reflecting its unwavering dedication to operational excellence and client-centricity. Founded just 1 year, 2 months, and 4 days ago on 05/25/2022, the company has rapidly made its presence felt in the financial landscape.

Embracing Connectivity

A Strategic Location Situated at Rua De Santa Rita, 340, Store 02, in the heart of São Luís’ bustling Center, 46.535.260 LTDA is strategically positioned to serve its clientele. The convenient CEP of 65015-430 ensures easy accessibility, enabling seamless interactions with customers.

Engaging Contacts A hallmark of modern business lies in streamlined communications. 46.535.260 LTDA embraces this with its email address at, facilitating efficient correspondence. Additionally, the company remains just a call or message away at (98) 98151-1596, making communication on Whatsapp a breeze.

Empowering Financial Operations

Correspondents of Financial Institutions At the core of its activities lies a pivotal role – 46.535.260 LTDA excels as correspondents for financial institutions. Facilitating smooth interactions and bridging the gap between clients and financial entities, the company plays an integral part in financial transactions.

Beyond Conventional Services, While excelling as a correspondent for financial institutions, 46.535.260 LTDA goes above and beyond by offering a range of auxiliary services in the financial realm. By venturing into activities not previously specified, the company showcases its versatility and adaptability.

Steering the Path Ahead

Leadership and Vision The helm of 46.535.260 LTDA is guided by the capable leadership of Maryclayde Moreira Soares Silva, who serves as the Managing Partner. With a strong sense of responsibility and qualification, she drives the company’s vision forward, instilling a sense of purpose in the entire team.

A Future of Promise As 46.535.260 LTDA continues its journey of growth and progress, it remains an active and engaged participant in the financial landscape. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and active status, the company forges ahead, empowering financial connectivity and enriching the lives of its clients.

In São Luís, 46.535.260 LTDA emerges as a beacon of financial prowess and connectivity, heralding a future ripe with promise and prosperity.

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