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Casa dos Esportes Shooting Club: Embracing the Sporting Spirit in Manoel Ribas, Paraná

44.977.864 ltda manoel ribas Introduction


Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Manoel Ribas, Paraná, Casa dos Esportes Shooting Club stands as a testament to the passion for sports and camaraderie. Established on January 24, 2022, this micro-enterprise, registered under the corporate name 44.977.864 LTDA, has swiftly become a hub for sports enthusiasts and shooting aficionados alike. With a commitment to fostering the spirit of sportsmanship, the club welcomes visitors to experience a range of exciting activities and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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44.977.864 ltda manoel ribas Registration Information

Casa dos Esportes Shooting Club is duly registered with the following key details:

  • CNPJ: 44,977,864/0001-33
  • Fantasy Name: Sports Shooting Club
  • Corporate Name: 44,977,864 LTDA
  • Opening Date: January 24, 2022 (1 year, 6 months, and 7 days prior to the consultation date)
  • Size: Micro Enterprise
  • Share Capital: BRL 20,000.00
  • Situation: Active
  • Type: Headquarters
  • Legal Nature: Limited Company
  • MEI Option: No
  • Simple Option: Yes
  • Simple Opting Date: January 24, 2022

44.977.864 ltda manoel ribas Contacts and Location

Those seeking to engage in the thrilling sports activities provided by the club can easily get in touch through the following contact information:

The club is situated in a picturesque location at the following address:

  • Address: Rio do Salto, SN
  • Complement: Lot 1Km, Catholic Church
  • Neighborhood: Rural
  • Zip Code: 85260-000
  • County: Manuel Ribas
  • State: Paraná

For those planning to visit the club, the complete address is:

  • Clube de Tiro Casa dos Esportes 44.977.864 LTDA
  • Rio do Salto, SN – Lot 1Km, Rural
  • Catholic Church
  • Manoel Ribas – PR
  • Zip Code: 85260-000

44.977.864 ltda manoel ribas Activities – CNAES

Casa dos Esportes Shooting Club is dedicated to promoting sports and camaraderie, with its main activity falling under CNAE 93.12-3-00 – Social, sports, and similar clubs. The club also engages in secondary activities related to sports teaching and other sports activities not previously specified.

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About 44.977.864 ltda manoel ribas

Founded on January 24, 2022, Casa dos Esportes Shooting Club has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to sportsmanship and community engagement. Situated in the charming city of Manoel Ribas, Paraná, the club offers a range of exciting activities for enthusiasts and novices alike. Managed by the capable hands of Fabiano Zarpellon Lacerda, the club is devoted to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle among its members.


Casa dos Esportes Shooting Club stands as a beacon of sporting enthusiasm in Manoel Ribas, Paraná. With its commitment to promoting camaraderie and a healthy lifestyle, the club has garnered a loyal following of sports enthusiasts and adventurers. As the club continues to thrive and expand its horizons, it remains an inviting destination for those seeking a fulfilling and exciting sports experience in the heart of rural Paraná.

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