Presses get going and extra staff brought in for one million pro-indy papers

THE National’s presses were in full flow today as printing began on one million pro-independence newspapers.

We’ve teamed up with the SNP and Believe in Scotland to deliver the huge number of eight-page specials to party branches and some other groups across the country.

It’s a huge logistical operation and unprecedented for any Scottish newspaper in recent history.

Work began overnight into Monday and continued today, with two presses each printing 40,000 editions every hour.

Pressroom shift manager Alan Myles, who also deals with a number of other Newsquest titles at the site, was clear about the scale of the job.

He said: “We’re not normally in on a Monday through the day – we’re in the rest of the week, for the weeklies. Usually a Monday is quite quiet.

“There’s a full two crews in today, both presses are running to achieve a very big print run for us, which is much bigger than we normally print.

“Despite the fact there’s two presses running, the fact it’s such a big run, it’ll take us most of the day.”

Our reporter Craig Meighan visited the Cambuslang print plant.

He went live on Facebook with a tour as the papers were printing – and a recording of that video can be found on our Facebook.

The eight-pagers use recycled paper, as your daily National does too.

The National’s editor Callum Baird said: “We’re taking our hats off to the print team – they’ve done a fantastic job taking on such a huge operation and the final product looks great.

“They’ve handled the presses themselves but a massive part of this operation has been the distribution too.

“Once these papers are ready to go, they have to be packed, loaded up, and delivered to the groups who’ve signed up to receive them – and they’ll begin doing so tomorrow.”

The National: Hot off the press.  The one million copise of 'Wellbeing Through Independence' paper being printed at the Cambuslang press that are to be delivered to one million Scottish homes for free.

The paper is focused on making the case for independence with wellbeing at its core.

Those contributing pieces include Believe in Scotland’s Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

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