Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries shared ‘unhinged bile’ about journalist

THE Culture Secretary has come under renewed fire on social media after it emerged that she had reshared a post labelling a journalist an “Islamist apologist” and calling for them to be fired.

Nadine Dorries shared a Twitter post aimed at LBC radio host James O’Brien, which it called a “bully”.

The full post read: “I believe James O’Brien of LBC fame is a hate preacher, a liar, a misogynist, a UK hater and an apologist for Islamist atrocities.

“I also believe he is a bully who hides behind the Global/LBC name who condone his behaviour.

“I also believe he should be sacked. Plz R/T [please retweet] if you agree.”

At around 1:30 in the morning on March 23, 2018, a year before she was elevated from the Tory backbenches, Dorries reshared the post on Twitter.

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It was swiftly deleted but caught by the website Politwoops, which records tweets removed by politicians.

It is not the first time Dorries has been found sharing hatred on social media, despite claiming in a BBC interview published today (November 19) that left-wing activists have “hijacked” the online platforms and people should “tone down the condemnation and the judgment”.

Her retweet of the post calling for O’Brien to be fired comes despite warning in that BBC interview about people being afraid to speak their mind amid fear of being “cancelled”.

She was previously quizzed at a Westminster committee meeting about tweets she had sent calling O’Brien a “f***wit”.

Highlighting the deleted retweet from Dorries, O’Brien wrote on Twitter that he was “shocked” by the language used.

He wrote: “Bloody hell. Even I’m shocked.

“Nadine Dorries did this to me. Deleted very quickly but how could any vaguely respectable politician have retweeted this unhinged bile about anyone? Let alone a politician now complaining about online abuse?”

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