Ukraine chief justice: Judges are going to war

Ukraine’s top judge says justices have left the courtroom to take up arms while Russia’s war in Ukraine continues.

“They took weapons in their hands and they are protecting our motherland,” Chief Justice Vsevolod Kniaziev told CTV News Channel’s Power Play. He told Power Play host Mike LeCouteur judges from across the country’s judiciary system, including four from the supreme court, have joined Ukraine’s military.

“Moreover, we have 300 court staff who are now in [the] army,” Chief Justice Kniaziev said.

Chief Justice Kniaziev was in Ottawa for a global meeting of chief justices. He appeared on Power Play with Canada’s Chief Justice Richard Wagner.

Those who aren’t on the front lines are trying to keep the justice system running. He told Power Play air raid warnings, missile strikes and running to shelters all get in the way of their work.

“It’s a really, really hard and unsafe job for judges now,” Kniaziev said.

Chief Justice Kniaziev talks about Ukrainian judges joining the army in the video at the top of this article.

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