Slog AM: Two Seattle Stomachs Shot in the Night, The Office Spaces of Dying Seattle Are Selling Like Hotcakes, Inslee Wants Special Treatment for Vaccinated People at Sporting Events and the Like

I want to report that this masterpiece of collage art is found in one of the two bathrooms in Saint John’s Bar and Eatery. The images are just mesmerizing. Charles Mudede


Governor Jay Inslee wants make sport fans run to vaccination centers by offering vaccinated people “special treatment” for “sporting events, performing arts and cruises.” Islee knows we are in a race against the virus. He also knows we are losing this race, which is why “he is alarmed by the softening in demand for the vaccines.”

An owner at one of my favorite Seattle bars, Saint John’s Bar and Eatery: “I was ready for us to go back to Phase 2 back when we moved to Phase 3. It has been like this for a year now. Back and forth, back and forth. When will we make progress and just get it right?”

The one and only stomach of a man who happened to be in an Ezell’s Chicken parking lot was struck by a bullet during a drive-by shooting that came out of the night at 9:50 pm. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog reports that the man, who was treated Harborview Medical Center, is “conscious and alert.”

Someone opened the door of an RV in Lake City. This someone had a gun in hand. This someone aimed the weapon and pulled its trigger. A bullet almost immediately hit the stomach of someone inside of the RV. Soon after the shooting, the one in the RV was taken to “Harborview Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his stomach.” Maybe the wounded stomach from Ezell’s Chicken’s parking lot crossed paths with the wounded stomach from Lake City.

Mom of man, Horace Lorenzo Anderson, shot and killed during the short-lived experiment in democracy initially called Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is suing the city for permitting CHAZ to happen in the first place. She believes the abandonment of the East Precinct led to the “lawlessness and … a foreseeable danger.” The mother is also certain Horace Lorenzo Anderson, who lost his life at 19, was attracted to CHAZ not for its democratic dreaming but for its total lack of police officers.

Tacoma plans to place 100 random people into a universal basic income program called Growing Resilience. The city, it seems, just wants to see what happens when you give people the security of at least $500 a month. The experiment will last for 12 months.

Everywhere look, property values just keep going up, according to Seattle Times‘ real estate reporter Heidi Groover. They are “up 22% over last year in Black Diamond, 18% in Woodinville and 13% in Skyway.” In King County, they “were up 10% from a month earlier and 14.5% over last year.”

Today’s episode of “Seattle is dying” is brought to you by this report in the Puget Sound Business Journal: “Demand for Seattle office space blasts past pre-pandemic levels.” How bad is this dying right now? Demand for office space in Seattle is up “174% year over year, 365% from last quarter and 31% month over month.”

Forty-five people lost their lives in a stampede that erupted during a religious festival in a corner of Israel. The general understanding of the event, which happened at “the Mount Meron tomb of second-century sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai,” is its size was “four to five times larger” than it should have been. Though the government discouraged people from going to the tomb, it also made the event possible by recently lifting COVID-19-related restrictions on gatherings. The cause of the very deadly stampede is thought to be a number of “attendees who slipped on some steps.”

Elderly Texan met his maker after Africanized honey bees, also known as killer bees, took his life for the noise-making mowing of his own goddamn lawn. CNN has the story.

Mike Pence is still on Twitter:

The GOP is trying very hard to find its way forward after Trump’s January 6 coup attempt. But the criticism it continually fires at Biden (he is destroying our “American traditional values” with his radical agenda), are easily deflected by images of savage Trumpists storming a key institution of American democracy. The question is: Is GOP legitimacy possible after January 6? The answer is: It’s not. This fact is captured by the present Liz Cheney crisis. Her fist bump with Joe Biden is about maintaining a legitimacy her party seems to be prepared to do without.

Donald Trump Jr. is still on Twitter:

The world’s most famous replicant, Rick Deckard, tells acclaimed magician to “get the fuck out of my house.” Androids not only do not dream of sheep, they also don’t like being tricked by human magic.

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