Tomi Lahren: Why is defending Ukraine’s border the priority over securing our own?

With Biden looking to send in U.S. troops to Ukraine, Fox Nation’s host of “Final Thoughts” and “No Interruption,” Tomi Lahren, criticized the administration’s consideration to supply U.S. troops to defend the borders of another country over our own.

“So let me get this straight, we are debating whether to defend Ukraine’s border but our illustrious president has no plan to defend ours?” said Lahren

Lahren went on to discuss the turmoil occurring in Eastern Europe and Biden’s current postulating a decision on whether to get involved and provide support to the Ukrainian border with Russia. 

“It would appear Russia is ready to make a minor/major incursion into Ukraine,” said Lahren.

She brought up the fact that throughout Biden’s consideration regarding protecting Ukraine, the president has not made a move to shore up U.S. borders.

“But riddle me this, why in the hell would we be more poised, more ready, and more strategically prepared to defend Ukraine’s border than our own?” said Lahren.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) greets US President Joe Biden (R) during the US – Russia Summit 2021 at the La Grange Villa near Lake Geneva, on June 16, 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

The U.S. is poised to possibly send 8,500 U.S. taxpayer funded troops to Eastern Europe in an effort to defend Ukraine from Russia. 

“Boy, imagine if we had that kind of presence on our southern border to stop the invasion of out nation by every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to push on through,” said Lahren.

While not wanting to callously disregard the U.S.’s commitment to our NATO allies, Lahren pointed out the fact that our own borders are riddled with “issues and risks” that have yet to be handled.

“Look at the major and largely ignored major incursion on our southern border! Millions with an ‘s’ have made their way across our border and into the shadows since Biden took office and literally nothing has been done to stop or even deter that,” said Lahren.

Lahren detailed how Biden’s “incompetence” has been used by countries as a major opportunity to advance in a myriad of ways.


“What an embarrassment. Our enemies are laughing at us and taking this man’s incoherence and incompetence as a giant opportunity to gain power, money, strength and geography,” said Lahren. “And why wouldn’t they? We have a president and a presiding political party that’s more concerned with the type of material our double masks are made out of than protecting and defending our own backyards.” 

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