This year’s iPhone 13 deals are the best yet from Apple – but are they worth it?

On paper, this year’s iPhone 13 deals offer a very tempting array of options indeed. As always, the name of the game is trade-ins; a time-honored tactic favored by the big carriers and Apple itself to get those customers upgrading to the latest and shiniest devices. With multiple options for free devices, this year’s offerings look particularly strong – but are they worth it?

Now we’ve had time to sit back and see the full array of iPhone 13 deals available from leading carriers, and some time with the devices themselves, it’s time to think objectively about value. As an iterative upgrade, the iPhone 13 isn’t such a tempting jump up from the iPhone 12 as some would have hoped. Some may be looking to hold on to that aged device for just one more year – in that case, let us help you out with some well-informed analysis.

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