Sports Across America this January

January is set to be one of the most eventful months for sport this year. For those of you looking to place a wager, you should know the standings and upcoming games. Planning your wagers in advance lets you keep tabs on any developments that might affect your results.

Whether you follow basketball, football or hockey, January’s line-up is sure to thrill. So, what’s happening this month?

Read on for a quick overview.

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NBA is one of the best American sports for proposition betting. You have almost unlimited options for in-game props, from dunks to misses to bouncebacks and interceptions. has some extra info to help you place your wagers.

Eastside, Celtics top the table with 30 wins and 12 losses. Nets are on their tails with 27 to 13, and Bucks come in third with 27 to 14. The top 3 are edging for space this winter.

On the western side of things, Nuggets tie with Grizzlies, both claiming 28 wins and 13 losses. Pelicans hold third with 25 to 17.

Upcoming games to watch out for include Celtics vs. Nets, Pacers vs. Grizzlies, Knicks vs. Pistons, Lakers vs. Blazers, and Heat vs. Mavericks. They’re our picks anyway, but this whole month looks like fun too!


On the football field, January is set to be a ride too. Staying up to date with the latest
NFL news
will help you place wiser wagers.

Bills lead AFC East with 13 wins and just 3 losses. Dolphins trail with 9 to 8, and Patriots have 8 to 9. AFC North is topped by Bengals, 12 to 4. Ravens are second with 10 to 7, and Steelers have 9 to 8. AFC South sees Jaguars leads, 9 to 8, and Titans follow with 7 to 10. Colts come third with 4 to 12, which is quite a margin away from the top 2. Chiefs lead AFC West, 14 to 3, chargers 10 to 7, and Raiders 6 to 11.

Prefer the National Football Conference? Eagles lead East 14 to 3. Cowboys are second with 12 to 5, and Giants follow with 9 to 7. NFC North is led by Vikings 13 to 4. Lions are second, 9 to 8, and Packers follow with 8 to 9. Southside, Buccaneers top to the table with 8 to 9. Panthers have 7 to 10, tied with Saints. NFC West’s leaders are the 49ers with 13 to 4. Seahawks swoop in with 9 to 8, and Rams follow with 5 to 12.

Key upcoming games include Ravens vs. Bengals, Giants vs. Vikings, and Cowboys vs. Buccaneers.


Boston leads the eastern conference with 32 wins to just 4 losses. Toronto follows with 26 to 9, and Carolina have 25 wins to 9 losses. In the western conference, Dallas leads with 25 wins to 11 losses, closely trailed by Vegas with 27 to 13. Los Angeles follows with 25 wins and 14 losses.

For hockey fans, the most anticipated games include Dallas vs. Vegas, Toronto vs. Winnipeg, and Boston vs. NY Islanders.

Stay tuned for the latest developments. Maximise your sports wagers with the right tips.


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