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Wordle 506: November 7, 2022 Hints & Answer

November 7th’s Wordle puzzle can be solved if players use strategic starting words in the hard mode or use hints that paint a clearer picture.

November 7th’s Wordle puzzle starts this week with an easy solution that players might be able to guess within a few attempts if they use their regular starting words. While today’s Wordle answer does feature two vowels, it isn’t too difficult for players to guess their correct positions. However, many players tend to get stuck when they only have a few attempts left and do not want to waste them on random guesses that might yield them favorable results. In this situation, players prefer to use hints that might let them know more about the answer and help them solve the puzzle without losing their daily streak.


For players who are stuck on their fifth or sixth attempt will have a better chance of solving today’s Wordle puzzle if they use relevant hints. These hints don’t necessarily spoil the answer but let players guess the answer in a few attempts if they can guess the answer. Using clues for Wordle puzzles has now become synonymous with the game as it has similar mechanics to other vocabulary games. Here are three hints that will let players guess today’s Wordle answer:

  • Hint 1: go into the first part of a process
  • Hint 2: to have a starting point
  • Hint 3: The money helped the company finally ____ the first trial of its technology this month. (Fill in the blank)

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Today’s Wordle Answer (November 7th #506)

The November 7th Wordle answer is BEGIN.

When trying to solve today’s Wordle answer, we used a common word that helped us solve two puzzles last week. We first used ‘SPINE,’ which let us identify the incorrect positions of three letters from today’s Wordle answer. Then, we used the word ‘GENES,’ which revealed the correct position of a previously discovered letter and the incorrect position of a new letter. Finally, once we knew the four letters present in today’s Wordle answer, it was easy to guess the solution using the word BEGIN.

Players would have a better chance of guessing today’s answer using Wordle’s hard mode. While using this mode is more restricting, it helps players develop habits and strategies they can use in the regular mode. Since this mode does not let players use previously discovered letters in different spots, it forces players to use words that feature those letters in the same spot. While using this mode is more time-consuming, some players prefer to use Wordle‘s hard mode as it does not let them waste their attempts on random guesses. Since today’s Wordle answer features two vowels, it was the perfect candidate for solving the puzzle using this mode.

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