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Netflix’s Farzar is One of the Worst Animated Shows in Years | TV/Streaming

Farzar, you see, is the name of the far-flung, Eternia-like planet on which our story takes place, and where the chiseled, flaxen-haired hero Renzo (Lance Reddick) has established himself as czar after defeating an alien invasion and marrying the “slightly older” (read: withered and decrepit) Queen Flammy (Grey Griffin). 

But that also means having to play daddy to 30-year-old failson Fichael (Dana Snyder), who’s never left the protective dome of their Edenic city. After all, it’s the only thing protecting them from the evil machinations of the Skeletor-like Bazarack (also Snyder). (In an early portent of the show’s brand of humor, its central spire is basically a gilded futuristic phallis.) 

When Fichael turns 30, Renzo begrudgingly makes him a general and puts him in charge of the (long, baleful sigh here) S.H.A.T. Squad and its team of misfits—Fichael’s robotic BFF Scootie (Jerry Minor), a cyborg whose only remaining human part is his dick; conjoined twins Mal and Val Skullcrusher (Kari Wahlgren), respectively a grizzled commando and touchy-feely mom type; Barry Barris (David Kaye), Farzar’s top scientist and a lazy mashup of Rick Sanchez and “Archer”’s Dr. Krieger; and his creation Billy, a mashup monstrosity of a bunch of different animals that’s just barely sapient enough to masturbate in public.

O’Guin and Black are the minds behind “Brickleberry” and “Paradise PD,” so if you’ve got an familiarity with those series you know what to expect. Episodes are less plotted or scripted than vehicles for the same sophomoric dick, fart, or poop joke; characters are little more than mouthpieces for their one character trait/fundamental joke. Fichael is an oblivious manchild, Bazarack is a sassy camp queen of a villain, Barry is an amoral, perverted genius, rinse, repeat. You will know these jokes, because they will explain them to you in dialogue, over and over and over again. 

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