Tesla cars barred for 2 months at site of China leadership meeting

Beidaihe, a beach resort east of Beijing, traditionally hosts a summer conclave of China’s senior leaders where they discuss personnel moves and policy ideas behind closed doors. China does not typically formally announce the dates for the meeting.

The Chengdu restrictions on Tesla cars, which were not officially announced, came to light earlier this month after videos were posted on social media of Tesla cars being diverted away from certain areas by the police.

Last year, the Chinese military banned Tesla cars from entering its complexes, citing security concerns over cameras installed on the vehicles, Reuters reported at the time citing sources who had seen the directive.

Musk said at the time that Tesla’s cars did not spy in China or anywhere else, and that the company would be shut down if it did so. Months later, Tesla said that all data generated by cars it sells in China would be stored in the country.

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